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Who is going to win the World Series in 2012?


Case: Honey Nut Ichiro vs. Taco Tuesdays

No. of Teams = 12
League Type = Rotisserie
Dispute = Commissioner vetoed trade dispute league managers approving the trade.  He was pissed because Honey Nut Ichiro had offered Mark Teixeria to his team and then pulled the trade offer at the last second to make the deal with Taco Tuesday.

Honey Nut Ichiro (HNC) receives = Russell Martin (C, LAD) and Alfonso Soriano (OF, CHC)

Taco Tuesday (TT) receives = Mark Teixeria (1B, NYY) and Chris Iannetta (C, COL)

Issue = HNC needs a 1B/3B and SP and TT wants to upgrade C and OF.

Based on daft positions alone, this is a poor trade. Teixeria being a first round draft choice in most league and only picked a few slots ahead of Soriano, the difference in draft positions of Martin and Iannetta is much greater than the difference in Teixeria and Soriano. In some leagues Iannetta could be a Free Agent pick up, especially now that he is batting .067 (1/15).  With Teixeria struggling and injured right now, this makes the trade even more lopsided.  
While Teixeria’s numbers were out of control in 2008, Martin and Soriano combined for 37 SB while Iannetta/Teixeria combines for only 4 SB. Iannetta/Teixeria 51 combined HRs vs. Martin/Soriano’s 42 HR is fairly close (RBI and Run totals are also close). A trade can not be judged merely on past year stats, however, these stats merely validate the fact that this is an unfair trade and should be vetoed.  TT is getting a much better deal. It's like internet video poker, one sided.

Player Analysis:

Russell Martin –  (top 5 catcher in the league)
Alfonso Soriano - second rounder (of to a great start, injury prone).
Mark Teixeria – first rounder (even though a slow start, he will heat up)
Chris Iannetta (currently hitting 1/15, that one hit being a homerun)

Inside the Stats, 2008:

Russell Martin –  .280 Ave, 13 HR, 87 R, 69 RBI, 18 SB
Alfonso Soriano - .280 Ave., 29 HR, 76 R, 75 RBI, 19 SB
Mark Teixeria – .308 Ave, 33 HR, 102 R, 121 RBI, 4 SB
Chris Iannetta - .264 Ave., 18 HR, 50 R, 65 RBI, 0 SB