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Case: Keeper League Draft Slots



Case #803 -
No. of Teams = 14, keeper league
Dispute = The dispute arose over a trade between two teams involving draft slots and players, which was vetoed based on rule ambiguity. The commissioner of the Research Department Baseball League has submitted the case of:

Manny PEDing Manny and Futile Stadium Effort vs. Research Department Baseball League


Manny PEDing Manny (who is trailing in the standings and thus dumping players to rebuild for the 2010 season) receives:
FSE's First Round Pick and FSE's Fifth Round Pick

Futile Stadium Effort receives:
Prince Fielder (a first round pick)
Late 2010 draft pick


The league dispute was over draft positions. League rules stipulate that each owner can keep 3 players for the following year, in the following years draft, each owner must pick in that slot the player they wanted to keep based on the player's previous draft position. For instance, if i wanted to keep Albert Pujols in the 2009 draft and he was my first round pick in 2008, then he is my first round selection in 2009, and I do not have another pick in the first round (thus my "rea" first pick is in the second round, pending that I do not also "keep" my second round pick from 2008). If a trade takes place during the season that gives a team two players from the same previous year's draft class, which he chooses to keep the next year, one player "slides" down to the next round. For instance if I want to keep Dan Uggla who i drafted in my 5th round in 2008 and i traded that season for Carlos Beltran (who was also selected in the 5th round by the manager who traded the player), then in my 2009 draf I would take Uggla 5th and Beltran 6th (or vice versa). In this case the managers vetoed the trade 7-5. There was an assumption or rather confusion over whether FSE could keep Price Fielder (a first round draft selection by MPM in 2009), his 2009 first round draft selection (Hanly Ramirez) and trade a first round draft selection in the 2010 draft.


This is actually a fairly simple case and I will revert to NFL draft rules as the basis of's ruling. The confusion is over the definition of draft picks/slots. When FSE traded his "first round pick" he was really trading his first pick in the draft (not necessarily in the first round), whenever that may come... so if FSE chooses to keep Fielder in the first round and Ramirez in the second round (based on the sliding rule), then FSE's first "open" draft pick is in the third round. Therefore MPM will receive a draft slot in the 3rd round. The "sliding" rule can not be in effect in this scenario, because FSE will then, as a result, have 2 draft picks in the first round.