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Who is going to win the World Series in 2012?


Kansas City Isn't So Blue
Written by Kiowa Bryan


Who would of thought that the best pitcher in baseball would be starting for the Kansas City Royals? That alone is the only reason they are tied for second place in the American League Central. With an ERA of 0.00 and a record of 4-0, Zack Grenkie goes for his 5th start tonight against Brian Tallet and the unstoppable Toronto Blue Jays..........

Not Such a "Natinal" Treasure
Written by Kiowa Bryan
As if it wasn't bad enough that the Nat's were in the basement of the National league east, with an ugly 4-14 record - they
became the laughing stock of baseball last Friday night in a game where Adam Dunn and Ryan Zimmerman sported jerseys that read "Natinals". Majestic Athletic, the company responsible for the mistake issued an apology to both the Washington Nationals and Major League Baseball.
"We take 100 percent responsibility for this event and we regret any embarrassment for the Nationals organization, players and fans," said Majestic Athletic president Jim Pisani. If only a missing "o" was their only problem. Even red hot Ryan Zimmerman, who's on a 16 game hitting streak and batting .324 can't seem to pull them out of the dirt. He launched two homers in last night's game alone, yet still watched the National's lead crumble when the bullpen gave up 6 runs in the 8th, including a grand-slam. Here's a word of advice for Manny Acta - hit up now because I don't think you'll be welcome at Nationals Park much longer.......

Top 3 NL CY Young Picks
Written by Charles Dimino

It is never too early to start up a conversation about who will win some of the major awards at the end of the season.  I would like to take a minute to focus on the Cy Young Award in the National League.  Three guys (in my humble opinion) have a great shot at taking home the prize this season.  Here they are in order from top contender to bottom.

Hotties and Notties
Written by Randy Marquis

Just about every major league player has hot & cold streaks. When they're hot, hitters think about chasing Pete Rose or Joe DiMaggio...while pitchers have Nolan Ryan and Cy Young in their lofty sights. When they're cold, hitters worry the Mendoza Line will be renamed for them...and pitchers see visions of John Van Benschoten dancing in their heads.

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Joe Saunders Player Profile
Written by Charles Dimino

Joe Saunders, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, SP

In Honor of Nick Adenhart
Written by Shawn Lindsey

Player Profile – Nick Adenhart, Anaheim Angels, SP

RP to Watch- Next Closers
Written by Randy Marquis

In fantasy baseball, top closers are like supermodels. They’re rare, they’re expensive and they make otherwise rational men do things they’ll deny to friends later.

Dan Uggla Player Profile
Written by Charles Dimino

Dan Uggla, Marlins 2B, Player Profile

Joey Votto Player Profile
Written by Jordan Bragg

Joey Votto, Reds 1B, Player Profile

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