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Dan Uggla Player Profile
Written by Charles Dimino

Dan Uggla, Marlins 2B, Player Profile

Second base can be a tricky position when drafting your fantasy team.  It is often one of the thinnest positions (much like catcher).  Not getting a top tear guy can lead to a less than stellar draft selection for the spot.  Utley, Pedroia, and Phillips are names at the top of everybody’s list.  With me (for his price tag) I always lean towards Dan Uggla for my second base slot.

Uggla has been a top offensive producer at second for the last three seasons.  He has averaged 105 runs, 30 homeruns, and 90 runs batted over this period.  Chase Utley (who is most people’s pick for top second baseman in fantasy) only averaged 13 more RBI per season, one less homerun, and just 11 more runs over the last three years.  I can live with the slight difference in numbers considering draft position here (Utley has been going in the second round opposed to Uggla in the fifth).

When we bring up the name Dan Uggla these days, however, most fans only remember his rough (to say the least) night at the 08 All-Star Game.  Uggla went 0 for 4 at the plate (three of which were strikeouts) and committed three errors.  In the 10th he had a chance to drive in the go ahead run, but instead grounded into an inning ending double play.  He had another shot in the 13th to play hero with runners in scoring position, but struck out on three pitches.  The night ended with the NL losing the All-Star Game, again (and most fans pointing the finger at Uggla).

Say what you want about Uggla’s lackluster performance in the 2008 All-Star Game, but we forget too quickly that it is still just an exhibition game.  Eric Gagne gave up a walk-off homerun to Hank Blalock in the 03 game (the first to determine home field advantage).  Gagne did not fall apart after the incident.  Instead, he set the consecutive saves record that still stands today.  Uggla did not seem to be fazed either.  He finished out the season in typical Uggla fashion putting up his usual numbers.  

With the 08 All-Star debacle in his rearview mirror, we can expect a lot more of the same from the Florida second baseman.  Uggla looks primed and ready to go for another big fantasy season.