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Five Good Reasons to Want Gil Meche
Written by Charles Dimino

One thing that we can all agree on is that value pitching in fantasy is a key to success.  A waiver wire pick up can turn to gold (see Eric Gagne circa 2002 or Joe Saunders in 2008).  A guy that has caught my eye as a low value investment over the last two seasons is Gil Meche. Here are five reasons you should jump on his bandwagon.



1)    The man struck out 183 batters last season.  Two hundred strikeout guys usually cost a pretty good penny.  Striking out 180 plus is pretty darn close (especially for the price you are getting him at).  

2)    He won 14 games for a second to last place team last season.  Let me put this in perspective for you.  Johan Santana only won two more games last year (only one more in 2007).  Let’s not leave C.C. Sabathia out.  Many were calling this guy the NL MVP.  Sabathia only mustarded three more wins than the Royal ace.

3)    Meche has proven to be durable.  Over the last two seasons he has made 68 straight starts.  Injures can destroy your team.  He has proven over the last two years that he will be out there on every fifth day.  You cannot say the same for a great deal of guys who have had a much higher value than Meche (I am looking directly at you Ben Sheets).

4)    His team continues to improve.  The Royals went out last season and spent (a hefty sum for a small market team of $60 million to be exact).  With the spending came their best record since 2003.  Meche too benefited from the offseason signings seeing his win total climb from 9 to 14.  All signs point to Kansas City seeing another big step forward with their franchise this year.

5)    Joakim Soria.  A stellar pitching performance goes for naught when there is no one there to preserve it.  Soria was one of the best at keeping a lead last season.  He only blew 3 saves last season in 63 games.  This (if Soria keeps it up) should lead to continued success for Meche in the win column.  

Meche is coming off of a disappointing spring with an ERA in double digits.  You should not read too much into his spring numbers, he has proven the he will be fine when the season starts and is poised to be a solid contributor to your fantasy team.