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Great Fantasy Sports Team Names
Written by Jordan Bragg

Some fantasy baseball leagues are won and lost before the first player is drafted. This is because of an oft-neglected element of fantasy team building that (unless you’re playing for a lot of money) is just as important as home runs, wins and losses. That element is of course, team name selection. Even if you come in last place because you made Antonio Bastardo your first round draft pick, a clever name for your team can still make you the class of your league. When it comes down to it, fantasy baseball is about outsmarting your friends and co-workers (and maybe having fun, I guess) - a clever team name is just one more element to that.

There are many ways to go about a great team name, though. A reliable source for inspiration is borrowing a name from a movie or TV show - your team would start the season on a nostalgic note as the Rockford Peaches, the California Raisins, the Washington Generals, or my personal favorite - Chico’s Bail Bonds. Bonus points go to the first three if you actually live in Rockford, California, or Washington.

In keeping with the geographical names, you can always rely on a feature of your area that doesn’t have, or perhaps doesn’t really deserve a real professional sports team named after it. Think about the Boston Tea Parties, or the Jersey Shores. Washington seems to be a goldmine, as if I’m ever mega-rich and find myself owning any of Washington D.C.’s pro sports teams, I hereby vow to change the name to the Washington Lobbyists. Since I was a Montreal Expos fan as a kid, that could be my revenge against the Nationals.

The best names in any fantasy league are usually ones that have a little fun at the expense of the game in its non-fantasy form, though. My favorite from my league last year was the BALCO Bombers. ‘Winnie the Pujols’ is a good fit if you want to keep it nice and juvenile. Keith Foulke’s name is full of possibilities if you want to be just as juvenile, and work a little blue. If there are any Yankees fans in your league, go with ‘A-Rod’s Dominican Cousins.’

In writing this article, I have already decided on my own team name for this year - feel free to use it yourself if you’re stuck, and not playing in a league with me. Mine combines baseball, my love of gluttony, and another man who I assume shares this love. My fantasy baseball team name for this year is...

Drumroll please...

... Okay, now imagine me opening an envelope...

CC’s Pizza!

It’s got everything!... And by “everything,” I mean “pizza.” Whatever you call your team, just make sure you have fun, make it clever, and make fun of someone else’s favorite player whenever possible.

Here are some other great/funny/insight-full league name suggestions:

1. Purple Lobsters

2. Masterbatters

3. FeastFromtheFarEast

4. Manny Being Manny

5. Beat the Uggla Stick

6. Stop or I'll Lincecum

7. Don't Hassle the Hoffman

8. Markakis Job and Shove it

9. Sizemore Matters

10. The Good, The Bad & the Utley

11. Where My Pitchers At

12. Johnny Demon

13. Locked in Chamberlin

14. Ask the Court for Clemensy

15. Always Wear Clean Hunter Pence

16. Jeters Never Prosper

17. Bull schmidt

18. Schilling Me Softly

19. Honey Nut Ichiros

20. Sheffield of Dreams

21. Debbie Does Odalis

22. Sock it Thome

23. Chuck Cockblauchs

24. Sosa's English Lessons

25. Her Pujols taste Sower

26. Chicks Big My Balls

27. O'Cougar Hunters

28. Well Dunn

29. The Mexicutioners

30. A-Fraud

31.Devine Intervention

32. Athletic Department

33. Green Eggs and Hamilton

34. Third Degree Byrnes

35. The Chan Ho Trailer Park

36. Happy Halladays

37. Cano DeWitt

38. The Good, The Vlad, the Uggla

39. Lincoln Logs

40. Coyote Utley

41. Lugo My Eggos

42. Sports Hermida

43. Delusions of Granderson

44. Jeter, Jeter, Pumpkin Eater

45. Rick Von

46. Salty Nuts

47. A Case of the Runs

48. Brokebat Mountain

49. Roid Rage

50. Arizona Cactus-Kissers

51. Denver Omlettes

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